My Top 3 Educational Game-Based Sites

There is nothing that will ever replace good teaching!!! Now with that said, looking for new strategies and tools is never a bad thing. Do you know how many millions and millions the "free game apps" make each year?   People are spending tons on getting "extra lives" or "tools" to reach the next level.  We, as a culture get so competitive with not only others, but ourselves. This is a list with a short description of some of my favorite sites that uses some type of "game" to either assess or reinforce students. I also too much of anything isn't good, so these are just tools to throw in to change it up or to hook students. 



Quizizz is a self-paced game site.  There are tons of pre-made quizzes already loaded into the library.  It also allows you to create your own. One feature that it has that others may not, is combining of quizzes.  There is a live version and it can be assigned as homework.  It has the ranking feature and the funniest memes that pop up after each question depending on how the student answers. As a teacher you can have control on most everything, the time, memes or no memes, etc..  


A new feature recently out  - Quizizz in other languages. Now our foreign language arts teachers can use it as well with out having to create everything from scratch.  If you haven't looked at this one you should. 


Students seem to love the competitive part of Kahoot. This is played as a whole class.  Teacher have the questions and question choices on the board and the students just have 4 color choices that they pick.  There are tons of pre-made quizzes that you can edit, but you cannot merge two quizzes together. You can also make your own. Kahoot ranks students after each question, but you can turn that off.  You can edit just about all of the settings in Kahoot, including the time on the question to how you want to give points.  One of the great things about Kahoot is that it is always coming in out with new features. Every couple of weeks there is a post on Twitter about a new feature coming.  I  like Kahoot because it is really engaging and often the students forget they are actually doing academic work. 



Many of you have probably heard of Quizlet, because it has been around a while. Quizlet started out as basically online flashcards.  They had some pretty cool features back then.  I used Quizlet years ago for helping my students review for tests because the flashcards can be audible. I had many students with reading disabilities and I loved that the cards could be read to them.  I re-discovered Quizlet more recently and it has added some amazing, fun new features.  Now you still have the flashcard sets.  There a a ton of "decks" already made that you can use and alter. You can also create your own.  There are now games that students can play and there are different modes.  There is a review mode, testing mode, etc.. I only use the free version but one of our teachers has the paid account and she says it will give her information about how long her students were on etc.. The newest feature is absolutely amazing!!! I actually played it with a huge group at AETC.  It uses whatever deck you want, then student use the code they are given to sign in.  Quizlet then randomizes the students into groups.. Here is the best part - They HAVE to work together.  When the question appears not everyone in the group has the right answer.  So they have to talk and look at each others screens to get it right.  I have seen adults and students play and it was so much fun to watch. I love that these websites are always upping their game!!!