Hi!! I am Hope Elliott and I am absolutely fascinated by and passionate about technology as a tool in education. With 20 plus years in education, I have about seen it all.  I started out  teaching special education and now I get to spend all of my time traveling around my district helping teachers learn how to use technology for instruction in their classrooms. 

I grew up in Alabama and cut my teeth in education there.  I taught two years in Hawaii and now have landed in Mississippi.  I loved my time as a special education teacher and used that experience to become an RTI coordinator.  The good Lord blessed me with an opportunity to work with teachers showing them how to use technology with their students as an Instructional Technology Coach.  Needless to say, I have come a long way!! 

I am just one of the many on this road, who are trying to help others and learning as much as I possibly can along the way.  To say that I am lucky is an understatement. 

My colleagues would describe me as focused, organized, a little crazy, a good disseminator of information, and a go-getter. My friends would say I am a hyper, tennis-loving, trying to be a runner, scuba-diving, Auburn cheering, loyal friend.  

I love life, I love to learn, and I love helping others. 

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